Love the idea of a Winter Wonderland…? Why not a Winter Wonderland WEDDING?! At a venue like the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel, your guests can call the hotel home for the duration of your celebration! Although the weather outside is frightful… over the next few weeks, we will show the delightful side of winter as we share the beauty of a “Winter Wonderland Wedding.” We will tell you about the benefits of having your wedding in the quieter months of winter.

From gorgeous winter dresses with unique color palettes, to romantic “aisle-scapes” and unique table décor… winter is definitely getting hotter! For your introduction we posted photo-collages that inspire us to propose the idea of a winter wedding… 😉

Check in with us every few days for updates!


Winter whites and silver always come to mind first… but red, white and blue fit the winter theme too!


Fourth of July in winter. Icy, deep blues and vibrant cranberry red!

Fourth of July in winter. Icy, deep blues and vibrant cranberry red!

How about a woodsy theme? Roasted chestnut for the bridesmaids dresses and a fun play on the pine-bouquets! Lush pine wreaths could double as guest favors… The groomsmen wouldn’t be at a loss for lumberjack themed attire or “flannel” themed attire.




Going grey never looked so good! Instead of silver sparkle, a great grey goes good on any wedding day! Classic. Elegant. Timeless.



Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… IN LIGHTS at the reception! Ok, so snow is not a color, but maybe it should be?
White on white on white. Simply gorgeous…

Winter Wonderland R1